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And Remember, Respect is Everything!
Does that line sound familiar? It should - at least if you have played the famous second part of the Grand Theft Auto series.  "And Remember, Respect is Everything", or simply ARRIE, is a remake of GTA2's multiplayer.  GTA2 was an outstanding game that aged exceptionally well - it is heaps of fun even today! However, the multiplayer part did not age well at all and is only difficult to play nowadays.

Set in a cuba-like environment, ARRIE brings back the fast-paced multiplayer action of GTA2, wrapped in a modern engine with appealing visuals and simple-to-use networking. Fight foot with a range of weapons or get the next car to compete your opponents. 

Current Status - WORK IN PROGRESS

The game is currently heavily work in progress. Why is it shown here then??  My aim is to motivate people to have a look on it and give me feedback, and this works better when giving them a playable version, then just showing screenshots or videos.

Secondly, if you, yes you!!!, are a game developer yourself and would like to participate in the project, we would be happy to welcome you on board. Currently only two people are working on the project, which makes the progress slower than we would like it to be. If you want to join the team and help ARRIE getting finished faster, feel free to leave us a message here. 

Known issues:
The game experiences some quite heavy stuttering after loading the level, which get's better after the first seconds. I have not yet figured out where that comes from but am on fixing that. Then, sometimes the cars won't move, which is difficult to reproduce. Restarting the game usually solves that. This is also under investigation.


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